Janine Verheesen and Andries Olie on the new Cosun Nutrition Center

20 September 2022
Engaging in dialogue. That is what Director Janine Verheesen and Andries Olie, Senior Manager Nutrition, Health and Sustainability at the Cosun Nutrition Center, are looking forward to most. “We plan to do this with our colleagues within Cosun, with health professionals, scientists and organisations specialising in nutrition, health and sustainability, the media and other stakeholders.”

The new Cosun Nutrition Center was launched on 20 July as a successor to Knowledge center sugar & nutrition (Kenniscentrum suiker & voeding). “The Cosun Nutrition Center will enable us to broaden and apply our nutritional science knowledge and experience for the benefit of all Cosun business groups,” explains Janine, who was also at the helm of the former Knowledge center sugar & nutrition. This expansion is a logical next step in line with Cosun’s new Unlock 25 strategy in which the cooperative is focusing more on healthier and greener alternatives.

“I like the fact that apart from sugar, we will be expanding our focus to include other Cosun products, such as plant proteins, potato products, dietary fibres and other plant-based food products and ingredients,” says Andries. He continues, “If we want to feed the global population in 2050 in a healthy way and limit the environmental impact, we need to ensure a less animal and more plant-based diet.” As a manufacturer, Cosun can contribute to this transition and wants to share knowledge and actively engage in dialogue on this. Scientific research and official dietary guidelines form the point of departure. How do our food products and ingredients fit within a responsible and sustainable diet?

In dialogue

The Cosun Nutrition Center focuses on developing, collecting and sharing scientific knowledge. Janine comments, “We want to not only communicate knowledge, but also engage in dialogue by actively taking part in the public debate, exploring attitudes and perceptions, sharing thoughts and enriching one another with knowledge.” Andries adds, “Internally, we can achieve this by, for instance, sharing knowledge in an informative way, such as through e-learning modules and organising interactive presentations. Externally, I hope we will be considered a knowledge partner in the area of plant-based products, that health professionals and the media will contact for scientific information or an interview or simply ask us questions. We want to be an institution where the proverbial door is always open.”

Scientific Advisory Board

This brings with it a number of challenges. How can we ensure that the information is comprehensive and accurate, and in line with the latest scientific findings? This is why Cosun Nutrition Center will be supported by a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of experts with broad expertise in nutrition, health, sustainability and communication. Janine comments, “The current members of the Scientific Advisory Board from Knowledge center sugar & nutrition will be part of the Cosun Nutrition Center Scientific Advisory Board. This committee will also include experts with complementary expertise. This enables us to secure the scientific validation of the Cosun Nutrition Center.”

Media contact

Andries Olie, Spokesman
Andries Olie, Spokesman
Senior Manager of Nutrition, Health and Sustainability