Each year, Cosun Nutrition Center allocates a budget to scientific research on plant-based foods in relation to health and sustainability.

The Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for the research selection process. Research results are always published in an international scientific journal. The studies financed in full or in part by the Cosun Nutrition Center are listed below.


Optimizing Plant-Based Protein Quality for Older Adults: AI-driven Algorithm Development and International Implementation

Status: Ongoing until 2024

BOLD fMRI to evaluate working memory performance after prebiotic supplementation in older adults with subjective cognitive decline

Status: Ongoing until 2024

Plant-based protein supplementation to attenuate exercise-induced muscle damage: walking into the right direction?

Status: Ongoing until 2024

Sucrose intake to promote the replenishment of liver and muscle glycogen levels following intense exertion

Status: Ongoing until 2023

The sweet on brain reward: The role of insulin sensitivity as a gatekeeper for reward perception in overweight individuals after weight loss and weight maintenance

Status: Ongoing until 2023

The role of sugar metabolism in immune cells in health and metabolic diseases

Status: Ongoing until 2023

RESTRUCTURE: Developing and implementing innovative and evidence-based food design principles to moderate energy intake

Status: Ongoing until 2025

Sweet Tooth - Nature or Nurture?

Status: Ongoing until 2024

Are there negative consequences of low sugar intake in relation to physical activity, energy balance and human health?

Status: Completed in 2022